Safety Tips

The safety of our guests is our top priority.

We kindly request all our guests to carefully review our safety instructions during their stay at Fairfield Inn & Suites – the best luxury hotel in Sulphur, LA.


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Travel Tips

Here are some handy travel tips

Ziplock Bags

Consider packing Ziplock bags to handle damp clothes.

Dry Cleaner Clothing Bags

Use large clothing bags from dry cleaners for better organization.

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Safety Guidelines

The safety of our guests is our top priority. We kindly request all our guests to carefully review our safety instructions before or during their stay with us.

General Travel Advice

Please follow these travel tips for a smooth and worry-free journey

Travel Light

Enhance your travel experience by packing lightly.

Secure Your Belongings

To prevent unexpected loss of items, please keep your travel bags and luggage securely locked at all times.

Carry Essential Documents

Before departing, ensure you have your passport, driver's license, and all necessary vehicle documentation.

Advance Online Ticket Booking

Save time and energy by booking tickets to popular tourist attractions in advance.

Hotel Protocols

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Upon arrival

Upon your arrival, please take note of the following important information

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Fire Exits and Staircases

Familiarize yourself with emergency exit routes using the floor plan on your guest room door.

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Alarm Pull Stations and Fire Extinguishers

Locate alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers on your floor to act promptly during emergencies.

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Turn Off Your Air Conditioner

Find the "OFF" switch for your room's air conditioner to prevent smoke infiltration during a fire.


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In Case of a Fire Emergency

During a fire emergency, remain calm and follow these steps for your safety.

Stay Calm

Maintain composure to respond effectively.

Activate the Nearest Fire Alarm

Pull the nearest fire alarm to alert other guests and hotel staff.

Close your doors

Close the doors between you and the fire area if it's safe.

Call for Help

Dial 911 - the emergency number - or contact the front desk to report the fire.

Evacuate Immediately

Exit the building using designated escape routes and stairwells swiftly.

Take Your Room Key

Carry your room key for reentry and identification.

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Dealing with Smoke in Your Room During a Fire Emergency

Follow these safety measures to maximize your safety if your room fills with smoke

Protect Your Breathing

Use a wet towel as a makeshift mask.

Crawl to the Door

Stay low to avoid inhaling smoke.

Check the Doorknob

Test for heat before opening the door.

Open the Door Slowly

Open cautiously and be prepared to close it if necessary.

Take Your Room Key

Keep your room key for reentry and signaling.

Use the Exit Staircase

Walk down calmly along the stairs during evacuation.

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Enhancing Security Procedures

For added security during your stay, follow these procedures

Double Locks and Latches

Use deadbolt locks and safety latches on your door.

Precautionary Admittance

Exercise caution when admitting strangers to your room.

Lost and Found Procedures

If you lose an item during your stay

Dial "0"

Contact the hotel operator to inquire about lost items.

Note: If unavailable, please call 911.

Safety Measures During a Fire Emergency

In case of a fire emergency, take these safety measures

Turn Off the Air Conditioner

Prevent smoke from entering your room.

Seal Doors and Vents

Block smoke from entering your room using wet cloths.

Remove Drapes

Take down the drapes to prevent escalations.

Signal Your Location

Hang a light-colored sheet outside your window to signal the fire personnel.

Prepare for Firefighting

Fill the bathtub with water for firefighting.

Do Not Break Windows or Jump

Avoid dangerous actions like breaking windows or jumping over.

Stay Low

Stay close to the floor where the air is cleaner.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

To ensure the utmost safety of our guests during COVID-19, please follow the regulatory guidelines.

Mask Usage

Wear masks in public areas and the lobby.

Social Distancing

Maintain safe distances as directed.

Note: The hotel cannot be held responsible for illnesses acquired by the guests during their stay at the hotel.